Paws for a Pic Paws for a Pic Blue on the Move This handsome boy LOVES to trek! 184233707 Sticks Rock! Tommy's walks almost always include some stick action. 184233975 Lilly doxi Keeping her ever watchful eye out for interesting activity, she sits obediently near some lovely Spring flowers :) 164230668 Lucy cocker Wriggling all the way, she wags by these happy tulips :) 164230670 Monty (Montague) corgi Looking so regal... 164230395 Murphy lhasa Look at that smile! 168386592 Gunnar hound mix & Gracie lab mix These two are more interested in activities down the way than my attempts at gaining their focus - but what good sitters! 170033045 Molly lab mix & Greta terrier Quite a treat to walk this pair of sweet girls :) 170033046 Lilly (Dachshaund, long haired) Lilly prefers a contemplative walk with plenty of time to sniff, well, whatever. 186479412 Max lhasa This is Murphy's more refined "brother" :) 172260077 Finn (Border Collie) Like many Border Collies, Finn LOVES to play fetch! 186479416 Jackson (Shepherd mix) Mr. Jackson is one handsome dude. His prey drive is legendary though, so beware all you squirrels and kitty-cats! 186479413 Blue (Standard Poodle) Blue is a delight to spend time with. He LOVES his walks and his happiness radiates from him. 186479419 Luna (Hound Mix) & Macy These two pups have become grrrreat friends! They love to tear up the yard together and then take a sniff-a-licioius walk. 186479417 Samantha (English Lab) Samantha loves her walks and is a FIEND for apples and other scavenged delicacies. 186479414 Monty (Corgi) Monty has no problem pawsing for a nap in the cool grass. 186479415 Liebchen doxi Enjoying a good rummage through a neighborhood park. 173357796 Charlotte BMD Sniffing the daffodils at Ravenna Park, on Seattle's first gorgeous spring-like Spring day :) 152740797 Finn border collie All smiles, out and about :D 164743976 Asha (Pit mix) Asha is the epitome of a party grrrrl! Sticks and tug and rolls in the grass are among her favorite things. 186479420 Alma (Fox Terrier Mix) Alma is another party grrrrl. She lives to play and is always ready to instigate. 186479418 Kenzie heeler mix She is super sweet, super soft, and super into squirrels! 169069767 Ana chi Venturing out to say Hi :) 158456448 Sam (Samantha) lab Taking a break from snacking on dandelions! 177807591 Thor frenchie 'E is European. 'E sinks 'olding still for foto is no fete. (But he sure is a hoot with a tennis ball!) 166467635 Edgar chi Smilin' - tired and happy in the sun :) 158456449 Henry puggle He is quite involved in his information gathering job ;) 173357797 Toby doxi He's a holiday visitor and "cousin" to Molly and Greta :) 172260078 Jackson shepherd mix This dog boldly goes where no dog has gone before - or thinks as much ;) 178183358 Hazel doodle Sweetest, bestest girl! 178183359 Frankie havanese Anxious to continue his quest for intriguing scents, he squints for a quick photo op :) 180042361 Juno lab "Hey look! These poppies match my dress :D" 180660573 Luna hound mix Loungin' in the flower petals, lookin' good! 176328565