Rexpeditions Rexpeditions First Rexpedition 1 Here's LJ, running along, on the trail of some wild scent :) @ Carkeek Park 162091096 First Rexpedition 2 Here, LJ is modeling her fashionably functional flank-strap! @ Carkeek Park 162091097 First Rexpedition 3 Here, LJ is surveying the land - while making a lovely poster-child for the super awesome Rexpeditions! ;) @ Carkeek Park 162091098 Second Rexpedition LJ is on the prowl, ever wary of forest rustlings... @ Hamlin Park 163112487 Third Rexpedition This is Chaska; we got to spend a bunch of time in the woods! @ Carkeek Park 164744226 Fourth Rexpedition Here, I've placed Chaska in roughly the same spot where I previously snapped a shot of LJ! @ Carkeek Park 164744227 Fifth Rexpedition Chaska, the ever patient model ;) @ Carkeek Park 164744228 Sixth Rexpedition Holly was very busy hunting squirrels! @ Woodland Park 165467360 Seventh Rexpedition LJ was running circles around me, she was so excited! @ Woodland Park 167494962