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Quotes I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Deborah and Rex Treks. We don't know what we'd do without her. She leaves detailed notes about Blue everyday, that I always look forward to reading. In fact, when we were recently looking for a new house we deliberately limited our search to neighborhoods where Deborah would still be able to walk Blue. When Deborah first started walking Blue, he would pull on leash and within a month, Deborah had trained it out of him. Blue has also stopped jumping up on people. She is a miracle worker. In addition to the training, Deborah is very concerned about the health of our dog and goes to great length to ensure Blue is happy and healthy. Quotes
Blue's Mom

Quotes I adopted our dog Lucy, a Terrier Chihuahua mix one year ago. Lucy was sweet, but untrained and very anxious. She had trouble walking on the leash, was doing her business in the house and just being all around annoying in her anxious puppy ways. After one class in basic dog training I realized that I did not enjoy the little time I had in a dog obedience class and decided to have Deborah train her instead. The turnaround has been remarkable. Lucy is responsive on the leash, she does incredibly well with all her commands, sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, etc. I can mostly walk her off leash when I want to and her entire demeanor is more calm and confident. She has learned to ring a bell when she needs to get outside and is just more tuned in to us. The time with Deb was all she needed! We are so grateful! Quotes
Lucy's Mom

Quotes Deborah was the best thing that happened to us and our dog, Asha, when we first moved to Seattle. She was a tremendous resource in helping Asha adjust to her big move, sharing her love, excitement, and patience even in difficult times. Deborah has always been there for us to answer any questions we have had about canine behavior and training and has put us in touch with amazing resources in Seattle to keep Asha engaged and entertained. We always take great comfort knowing that Asha always has fun and enriching walks when she's out with one of her best friends -- Deborah! Thanks so much for all you've done for us, Deborah! Quotes
Asha's Peeps

Quotes Hi Deborah! I wanted to let you know that Oscar and I are moving back home to Milwaukee WI. He has come such a long way from that first puppy class where he just wanted to run under the table and hide. The relationship Oscar and I have wouldn't be as strong without the games we played and skills we learned together in class. I enjoyed every class of yours that we took. I always learned something new, and it was so encouraging to see Oscar learning and growing along with me. I just wanted to thank you for all of the work you put into these classes. It never goes unnoticed. Take care! Quotes
Oscar's Mom

Quotes I'm really, really impressed with your professionalism, obvious attention to detail, and genuine desire to get to know your canine clients. As a somewhat neurotic new dog owner, these things were exactly what I was looking for--you definitely don't have to worry about teenaged neighborhood dogwalkers as competition, as the services, expertise, and peace of mind you provide are something entirely different. Quotes
Kenzie's Dad
Thrilled with our introductory meeting

Quotes Thanks! I feel so much better. Quotes
Monty's mom
Happy I could squeeze in a last-minute walk