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Woofs and wags from my furry friends and their humans!

Quotes I'm really, really impressed with your professionalism, obvious attention to detail, and genuine desire to get to know your canine clients. As a somewhat neurotic new dog owner, these things were exactly what I was looking for--you definitely don't have to worry about teenaged neighborhood dogwalkers as competition, as the services, expertise, and peace of mind you provide are something entirely different. Quotes
Kenzie's Dad
Thrilled with our introductory meeting

Quotes This made my day! U r such a big help. Thank u! Quotes
Holly's mom (via text message)
Pleased to learn of her pup's improvements

Quotes Thanks! I feel so much better. Quotes
Monty's mom
Happy I could squeeze in a last-minute walk

Quotes Hey! I'm Mariya's own puppy pal, and I just wanted to say how great she is, and how much love she puts into her relationship with me, and with all the dogs she works with - I know: I've seen her at work in doggie daycare! Anyway, your canine best bud will be in good hands with my owner. I'm happy to share her - enjoy! Quotes
Site-owner's satisfied pooch