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Rex-Treks (Yep. A Dog Walk)

I will swing by your home on a weekday between 10am and 4pm to take your dog out for a private on-leash neighborhood trek.

Your dog and I will venture out to explore and enjoy the scents, sounds, and sights of the day as we walk, jump and romp in the fresh air, rain or shine.

As a trained professional, I will provide loving leadership, practicing basic life skills, leash manners and doggie etiquette; as a dog lover, I will pamper your pooch with affection, praise and play. 

At the end of our walk, I will leave a "report card" detailing the highlights of your pup's excursion!

30/45/60 Minute Trek -- $20/$25/$30

Add $5 to service for multi-dog Treks, Treks with puppies and adolescents still cultivating their skills and self control, and Treks with dogs on the Reactivity Spectrum (leash reactivity, dog reactivity, etc.)

    K9 Insight -- Coaching, Training & Consulting

    As a canine educator and trainer, I am passionate about helping people and their pooches experience the best possible life together that they can.  

    Sometimes humans and dogs need a little additional help understanding each other so that harmony can be achieved. Dogs to learn how to behave in ways that are decidedly un-doggy, but necessary in order to keep them safe and share fun experiences out in our human-centric world.

    Using humane, dog-friendly methods I will support you and your dog with your training goals while fostering understanding, effective communication, mutual respect, cooperation -- some of the most important elements for any fulfilling relationship, including those we share with our canine companions. 

    I offer my services as an instructor/canine educator through Great Dog or you can contact me directly regarding private coaching in your home.


    Service Area

    If you live:

    South of 95th St

    East of 24th Ave NW                                                        West of 15th Ave NE

    North of 45th St

    then I am happy to serve your doggie-lovin' needs :) 

    Dog Lovers Unite!

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