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Rex-Treks (Yep. A walk with your dog)

I will swing by your home on a weekday between 10am and 4pm to take your dog out for a private on-leash neighborhood trek.

Your dog and I will venture out to explore and enjoy the scents, sounds, and sights of the day as we walk, jump and romp in the fresh air, rain or shine.

As a trained professional, I will provide loving leadership, practicing basic life skills, leash manners and doggie etiquette; as a dog lover, I will pamper your pooch with affection, praise and play. 

At the end of our walk, I will leave a "report card" detailing the highlights of your pup's excursion!

30/45/60 Minute Trek -- $25/$30/$35

Additional $5 for Treks with puppies and adolescents still cultivating their life skills, and Treks with other "special needs" (e.g. leash reactive, fearful, etc.) may apply.

    Service Area

    My Trekking Service Area includes Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, Ballard, CrownHill, Greenlake, Wallingford, Pinehurst/Northgate, Maple Leaf, Roosevelt, Ravenna. 

    Coaching, Training & Consulting

    As a canine educator and trainer, I am passionate about helping people and their pooches experience the best possible life together.  

    Sometimes humans and dogs need a little additional help understanding each other so that harmony can be achieved. Dogs need to learn how to behave in ways that are decidedly un-doggy, but necessary in order to keep them safe and to share fun experiences with us out in our human-centric world.

    Using games-based, dog-friendly methods, I will support you and your dog with your training goals while fostering understanding, effective communication, mutual respect, cooperation -- some of the most important elements for any fulfilling relationship, including those we share with our canine companions. 

    Feel free to contact me directly regarding private lessons & coaching in your home.

    I also offer my services as an instructor/canine educator through Great Dog where I teach group classes and private lessons as well. 


    Initial Consultation                      $125

    (1 1/2 - 2 hours)

    Coaching/Consulting                  $ 75/hr

    PawSome 3 Pack                         $195

    PawSome 5 Pack                         $330


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